Who's that Pokemon commentator? It's you (possibly)!

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Who's that Pokemon commentator? It's you (possibly)!
The Pokemon Company International has announced they're looking for the very best - commentator, that is. If you think you've got the Spark inside of you and are ready to make a Splash, you could tag along with TPCI for the 2014 Pokemon US National Championships and Pokemon World Championships. Just make sure to Rest up before you Swagger on-camera for your audition; there's sure to be a lot of competition for the spot. But who knows, maybe you'll get an Encore instead of a Double Slap.

Complete rules for the auditions can be found on the official Pokemon site, but the gist is that you'll need to record a video audition of you commentating on a Pokemon X / Y or Pokemon Trading Card Game battle, then paste the video to YouTube. Also, while the Pokemon games don't seem to have a problem with child endangerment or child labor, only US residents who are 18 years or older may participate.

Now go out there and Charm 'em all.
[Image: The Pokemon Company]
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