IntroMate creates pro quality video intros on iPad in seconds

When you're shooting and editing video on the run with your iPad, wouldn't it be nice to add a professional-looking introduction to your work in just a few minutes? That's the idea behind IntroMate, a US$2.99 app that should be on the iPad of anyone who regularly uses their device for video work.

It's a simple app. There are 32 templates featuring exciting animations, striking layouts, and (in some templates) a musical accompaniment that adds a professional touch to the opening of your video. All the intros run anywhere from 7 to 22 seconds, just long enough to get your title and/or information across to your viewers without boring them. To be accurate, IntroMate can also be used for end credits in a short video, but the name pretty much gets the primary idea of the app across.

To use IntroMate, you simply select one of the templates, then tap on various buttons to adjust the color of the background where possible, add, resize and move text, add photos (where applicable), and so on. Each of the templates has many choices of typefaces to be used for titles, and the tools for moving text around on the screen are incredibly simple to use. At any time, you can play the intro just to see what it's going to look and sound like.

Once everything is the way you want it, there's a red "record" button that renders the intro and saves it to your camera roll. You have a choice of standard definition 540p, HD 720p, or HD 1080p files. The intros can then be pulled into iMovie to add that special touch. The results? Well, instead of describing them with words I chose to take a number of the short intros and put 'em together into one video:

Most of these weren't tweaked and probably took less than a minute to create, so what they're lacking in perfection and finesse is more than made up with ease of production.

If there's anything that could be done to make IntroMate better, it would be to have even more templates. Many of the templates are more suitable for end credits, and the nicely done intro templates leave me wanting more choices. I'd like to see the developer (TotalMotion) add an option to buy inexpensive expansion packs with more templates as an in-app purchase.