1Password 4.5 for iOS gains features, slims down

Ask any member of the TUAW team what they use to keep track of the swarm of passwords they are confronted with on a typical day, and they're likely to say 1Password. AgileBits today announced a major update to the iOS version of the app, which is available for free to current users. 1Password 4.5 will be on sale at half-price -- US$8.99 -- for those who don't already own it, through Friday, April 25.

What's new in the password manager? To start with, the app has a shiny new iOS 7 look and feel, complete with a new icon. But that's just the icing on the cake. Under that gooey frosting is:

  • A 34 percent smaller app footprint, saving 8.6 megabytes of space

  • Faster syncing

  • Search available all the time at the top of the Categories tab and each main category

  • AirDrop support for sharing items

  • Support for multiple vaults once they're configured in 1Password for Mac

  • A new Demo Vault replacing the venerable Demo Mode

  • A redesigned user setup process, as well as an improved upgrade process from 1Password 3 for iOS

  • Support for custom item images (must be added via 1Password 4 for Mac)

  • Tags added in Mac version sync with iOS

  • Improvements and bug fixes in Wi-Fi Sync

  • Support for multiple Dropbox accounts

Enhancements were made to the built-in 1Browser to allow for easier logins, faster checkouts, and online form auto-fill much in the way 1Password mini works on the Mac.

And speaking of the Mac, 1Password 4.3 for Mac was also released today with a variety of improvements.