TUAW One to One: Author Michael David Anderson

Victor Agreda Jr
V. Jr|04.22.14

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TUAW One to One: Author Michael David Anderson

tuaw one to one podcastTUAW One to One is a monthly podcast where I take a variety of people, sit them in front of a mic and have a conversation. It won't always be about Apple, but it will often deal with the intersection of liberal arts and technology.

You've probably never heard of Michael David Anderson, but that's because his newest novel, Teddy, hasn't been published yet. He's using Pubslush to crowdfund the first print, although you can also order a digital version. I spoke to Michael about the creative process he uses, what it's been like using Pubslush, and how he's marketing his work himself.

Believe it or not, Anderson isn't even a Mac guy! In the interest of speaking to a wide variety of guests here on TUAW One to One, I wanted to talk to Michael about writing, and focus less on the tools he uses. As it turns out, Teddy started as a NaNoWriMo exercise, then grew from there. He also avoids cloud services, so he's not a Live365 guy, either. Listen in to hear what a young author just getting started has to do to get noticed in the crowded book space of today.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to start a writing career, especially in fiction, check out this episode. You can subscribe to this podcast here.

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