The Great E3 2014 Giveaway: 14 free games each week until E3

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Anthony John Agnello
April 25th, 2014
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The Great E3 2014 Giveaway: 14 free games each week until E3
Upon returning from PAX East, the Joystiq crew breathed a deep sigh of relief, content in the knowledge that some totally sweet games were being made. From Evolve to Below, from Project Morpheus to even lonely old Wii U, video games' immediate future filled us with patient curiosity. Then we got home and it hit us: badump bedump brodump tish BOOM I CAN FEEL E3 COMING IN THE AIR TONIGHT! It's coming June 10th through June 12th as a matter of fact. Oh yes, the E3 2014 engine is revving up as we speak. Just thinking about it has us all a little misty for the E3 mania of old, and you know what happens when we get misty: We start giving video games away.

Every Friday between now and the end of E3 2014, Joystiq is giving away 14 games. Each week we'll bundle a selection of games around a specific theme. In turn, we want you to write to with the subject line "E3 2014 Giveaway Week (insert number here)" and share your favorite moment from E3s past related to that theme, all entries must be received by the following Monday at 10AM EST. For Week 1: Nintendo Freak Outs.

Nintendo has a history of legendary E3 showings. There were exciting game announcements, but even more truly baffling performances. Sure, the Twilight Princess trailer was bananas good, but that Wii Music reveal? Pac-man Vs.? The Wii Vitality Sensor? Those were bananas in a totally different way. Write to us and tell us about the Nintendo E3 moment that made you think, "No way can this possibly be happening."

What 14 Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and DS games will one lucky winner get their hands on? The full list and contest rules after the jump.

Note: Contest runs from Friday to Monday 10AM EST.

Wii U Games
Sonic Lost Worlds
Darksiders 2
Game & Wario
Epic Mickey 2
Resident Evil Revelations

Wii Games
Mario Party 9

Nintendo 3DS Games
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate
Project X Zone
Sonic Lost World
Mario Tennis Open
Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
Resident Evil: Revelations

Nintendo DS
Pokemon Conquest

Official JoySwag Giveaway Rules
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