Habitat builds with space debris on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One

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Habitat builds with space debris on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One

We know you're not used to games handing you responsibility for an entire populace or anything, but Habitat's version of Earth is a collective goner unless you can build a suitable space environment for them. Sounds like something you'd receive support for from the United Nations or something, right? Nope, you're going to have to redefine "resourceful" while you're at it - your sanctuary must be crafted from debris found in Earth's orbit. Now that Habitat has cleared its base funding goal, you can start brainstorming ideas for your creation before it releases on PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One in the Holiday 2014 window.

You can upstage Bob the Builder in two gameplay types: a persistent Sandbox Mode that generates new clusters of clutter for every new game, or a narrative-focused Campaign Mode that pits your efforts against a swarm of nano machines plaguing Earth. All of your creations will be susceptible to rocket physics, which allow you to move your station or turn it into a projectile weapon. Since you'll be building with scraps, you can also piece together the remnants of enemy ships after they're disassembled by your attacks.

Habitat's Kickstarter campaign will conclude on May 2, so you can help expand the project's scope by donating if you like the concept so far. Stretch goals include adding tech trees for citizens and engineers, mod support, an asymmetrical Dungeon Master Mode and more. You can check the full list and the associated price tags on Habitat's Kickstarter page. Donating $20 or more to the campaign will grant you a DRM copy of the game for PC, Mac or Linux, but developer 4gency is working with Microsoft to see if they can give away early copies for that platform via Kickstarter.
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"Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit" (Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux) Successfully Meets Funding Target on Kickstarter

$50k Initial Goal Reached; Stretch Goals Now Unlocked to Bring More Features, Gameplay Modes and Enhancements

Seattle, WA - April 24th, 2014 -- Indie developer 4gency announced today that the upcoming orbital strategy game for Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux, Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, has successfully reached its first funding goal through Kickstarter. With the initial $50,000 achieved, stretch goals have now been unlocked to secure integration of new features, including new gameplay modes and multiplayer battles. For more information about Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit and to back this project, please visit:


"We are thrilled to have reached our initial funding goal and to now unveil the stretch goals for Habitat", said Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency. "The stretch goals are features that we've put a great deal of consideration into, as we want to make the best game possible and give the community an experience they'll love. We are very excited about the future of Habitat and can't wait to take this game to the next level".

Kickstarter Stretch Goals:

$70K: Individual Tech Trees for Citizens and Engineers - Upgrade the world of Habitat even more with genetic and technology upgrades for your denizens

$85K: Programmable AI Habitats - Automate habitats using a powerful and easy to use visual editor to make habitats scout and explore, track threats, auto-build and fight enemies

$100K: Rocket Arena - Battle against 3 other friends on the same machine in a timed race to construct and destroy using a shared field of debris

$115K: Mod Support - Script, skin, and share your own creations

$125K: Tower Defense Mode - Send and control waves of Habitats to try and take out an enemy stronghold

$150K: Dungeon Master Multiplayer - One player becomes the almighty dungeon master with control over events and anomalies on the map while another player tries to finish their objective

About Habitat

Set in the far future, Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit is a space fan's playground. Players must lead a team of engineers to gather debris floating in the vast wasteland of human and alien junk orbiting Earth to build and manage their own space stations, including the human residents residing within. But managing resources to maintain a healthy and happy extra-Earthly economy is only a part of Habitat, as players must also find ways to fend off enemies. To aid in this, Habitat introduces a new kind of combat using space debris as kinetic weaponry, which takes advantage of zero-gravity space conditions to defend habitats against enemies. Habitats can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, triggering massive chain reactions, so players must make some tough decisions to survive.

About 4gency

4gency is an indie game studio based in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Charles Cox, a ten-year veteran of the video game industry, 4gency brings experience from Zipper Interactive, Microsoft Game Studios, Amazon, Big Fish Games, Sierra Studios and Pipeworks. Habitat is the team's first Kickstarter funded game. For more information on 4gency visit: http://4gency.com
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