Pirates of the Caribbean Online 'Rewritten' version claims Disney's blessing

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Pirates of the Caribbean Online 'Rewritten' version claims Disney's blessing
Pirates of the Caribbean Online may have sunsetted last year, but if our inbox is any judge, some of you folks were really rabid about the game. So you'll no doubt be pleased to learn that some fans are trying to resurrect the MMO, and unlike similar ventures with high-profile IPs, this one -- dubbed Pirates Online Rewritten -- claims that Disney has given its blessing for the use of the game's assets provided the game is a free-to-play, not-for-profit endeavor.

Developers have opened alpha signups and suggest that launch "could be as soon [as] June 2014 to November 2014."

[A project leader for this game contacted Massively in November of 2014 to inform us that the claim that Disney had given its blessing for use of the assets was an elaborate lie told by a former staff member. "We never received any sort of acknowledgement from Disney Interactive Studios concerning the remake," he clarifies. I know you're all deeply shocked.]
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