Patch 5.4.7 hotfixes for April 28

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|04.29.14

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Patch 5.4.7 hotfixes for April 28
A new round of hotfixes for patch 5.4.7 have been released and posted to the official site. Once again, the list is pretty short and addresses just a few small changes that have been made. However, players that have been dealing with the headache of trying to get Warforged Seals from a dead vendor may be particularly pleased with one of the changes.

April 28

  • Elder Lin and Elder Liao now have significantly more health.
  • [Requires a realm restart.] Elder Lin and Elder Liao will now respawn much more quickly.
Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • The Fallen Protectors
      • Resolved an issue where movement-freeing abilities incorrectly forced Mark of Anguish to transfer to another player.
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • During the Garrosh Hellscream encounter, Eternal Flame no longer generates threat during stages 2 and 3 to address an issue that was making the encounter more difficult than intended for raid groups with Protection Paladin tanks.
Battlegrounds and Arenas
  • Matchmaking Ratings for Rated Battlegrounds has been increased by 100 for all players. Additional details for the change could be found in the forum thread titled: Rated Battleground MMR Hotfix.
UI Resolved an issue where players continue to be listed on the Raid Browser after accepting an invite from someone in a Flexible difficulty raid.

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