The Swapper, MouseCraft, Titan Attacks all coming to PS4, Vita, PS3

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The Swapper, MouseCraft, Titan Attacks all coming to PS4, Vita, PS3
Curve Studios slapped release dates on three games it's porting to PlayStation systems, starting with Puppygames' Titan Attacks next week. At an event attended by Joystiq, Curve confirmed The Swapper, MouseCraft and Titan Attacks are all coming to PS4, PS3 and Vita in the next two months or so. All three games support Cross-Buy, meaning a purchase on one platform unlocks the game to download and play on the other two.

Curve originally announced the Space Invaders-esque Titan Attacks as part of a two-in-one package that also featured Puppygames' Revenge of the Titans, but it's now coming as a standalone that launches on May 6 in North America, and May 7 in Europe. The PlayStation versions feature all 100 levels from the original 2012 Steam version.

Atmospheric puzzle platformer The Swapper (above on Vita) was originally due in May, but it now has a concrete date of June 24 in North America and June 25 in Europe. Facepalm Studios' game centers around a device that lets players create clones of themselves and switch control between them as they explore and solve their way through a mysterious landscape. While the new PlayStation versions won't have additional content, the PS4 and Vita ports employ touch controls for navigating the map. Like Titan Attacks, The Swapper is already out on Steam if you fancy checking it out there.

Last up of the three is MouseCraft, which hasn't got anything to do with creepers or the Zerg. Instead, it's a more serene puzzler in the vein of Lemmings, but with mice as the rodents you're guiding to safety - and by safety we mean cheese. The other classic game it references is Tetris, with players using familiarly-shaped blocks as platforms, bridges, and barriers to keep the critters in check.

MouseCraft launches for PlayStation platforms on July 8 in North America, and the Steam version exits Early Access for a full launch on the same day - developer Crunching Koalas is handling things on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Europe gets the PSN version the next day.
[Image: Curve Studios]

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