War Thunder to be playable via OnLive's CloudLift sub service

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has just announced that War Thunder, its WWII combat sim, will join games like Saints Row IV and Batman: Arkham City on OnLive's new subscription service, CloudLift. While the game itself will remain free-to-play, those who make use of CloudLift's services will be able to play the game from a toaster. OK, maybe not a toaster, but darn close:

New and existing players of the game will be able to play their game wherever they choose, without needing to re-download the full game client. All progress and purchases are synced in the cloud so the player can move between devices seamlessly. Playing War Thunder through CloudLift also massively lowers the recommended PC or Mac specification while still delivering smooth 720p60 graphics and NVIDIA enhanced effects. The game can even be played on an Android tablet using a Bluetooth controller, making the game mobile for the first time.

CloudLift normally costs $7.95 US per month but has a free trial for those who just want to check out how well it works. We've also got a video embedded below showing off the game as played on an Android tablet.

[Source: OnLive/Gaijin press release]