Bridge Constructor Medieval doesn't fix what isn't broken

bridge constructor screenshot

"Don't fix what isn't broken" is good advice for iOS app developers. If you have a formula that works, stick with it and ride the success train as long as you can. That's what Headup Games has done with the Bridge Constructor series. With their original Bridge Constructor title already a huge hit on the App Store, they didn't change much with the release of Bridge Constructor Medieval. That's a very good thing.

As with the the first game, Bridge Constructor Medieval tasks you with constructing bridges of various sizes and types in order to allow people to traverse large gaps in the road. To do this, you are given various construction materials such as wood planks, log support beams, stone pillars, and so on. Using the touchscreen to plot out your structure, you must provide adequate support for the ultimate test.

When you think you've built a brilliant bridge it will be put through its paces. Unlike in the first game where cars and trucks were your main threat, the medieval theme sees foot soldiers and horse-drawn carriages making their way across the gap. If your bridge is bogus, it will collapse and you'll have to try again.

bridge constructor screenshot

While the main mechanics of the game remain the same, Bridge Constructor Medieval adds a bit of a story element. To get you started, the story begins with a rogue army rampaging through your kingdom and destroying the bridges along the way -- this, of course, is where you come in. As you progress, a few more story tidbits are thrown your way, but they're more like icing on an already fantastic cake than a proper narrative.

Like its predecessor, Bridge Constructor Medieval is a ton of fun and an extremely unique take on touchscreen puzzlers. It's relaxing in its no-nonsense approach to building and testing your structures, and the feeling of triumph it offers makes it worth the hours you'll put into brainstorming and plotting out the various bridges along the way. At US$1.99, it joins the original Bridge Constructor as one of the best puzzle games on the App Store.