Toddler horror Among the Sleep coming to PS4, Morpheus

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Toddler horror Among the Sleep coming to PS4, Morpheus
It's poetic that Among the Sleep is coming to a device named after the Greek god of dreams (AKA Laurence Fishburne). Developer Krillbite is now bringing the first-person horror told through two-year-old eyes to PS4, where it'll feature support for Project Morpheus, Sony's VR headset.

Krillbite's psychological nightmare was already confirmed for PC, Mac and Linux with Oculus Rift support, following a successful fundraising campaign last year. The Norwegian studio is working to ensure Kickstarter backers "get a fair deal" on a PS4 version, but there are no details at present. There's no word on release details either - Among the Sleep was originally due in Q4 2013 - but Krillbite does say development is nearly completed.

Krillbite's scary soiree caught our attention with its Amnesia-inspired environmental horror, all at the eye level of a toddler. As Joystiq's Richard Mitchell put it in his preview, "Among the Sleep is clearly rooted more in psychology than jump scares and gore. For sure, the premise is novel, but what's really impressive is how effectively Among the Sleep leverages fear through atmosphere and the innate physical limitations of a child. Perhaps even more impressive is that it made me love a teddy bear within the span of half an hour."
[Image: Krillbite Studio]
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