Persona 4 Arena Ultimax priced at $59.99, pre-orders now live

The stars of the Persona series are winding up for another bout in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, which will host its brand of 2D fighting on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Ultimax won't be out until the fall, but you can plan really far in advance right now by pre-ordering the $59.99 fighter at GameStop, EB Games, Amazon, Newegg or Video Games Plus. The associated press release notes that there will be pre-order incentives, but it doesn't offer hints to what those will be, nor does it specify whether any will be exclusive to a particular retailer.

Ultimax is an expansion on 2012's Persona 4 Arena and follows the cast's participation in the P-1 Climax, a round of battles that must be conquered before the world ends. Several new characters will tag in as playable fighters, including Persona 3's Junpei Iori and Yukari Takeba, as well as Persona 4's Rise Kujikawa. There's also a debut from the crimson-haired Sho Minazuki, who will assuredly be pleasant to deal with.

Utlimax is one of four Persona games heading to the West this year, including the Vita's left-field rhythm game Persona 4: Dancing All Night and the PS3-bound Persona 5.

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The Calm Before The Storm of Ultimax

Pricing and Pre-orders Now Available for
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be the first of the new Persona games out for North America, and since we're moving closer and closer to its fall 2014 release, we thought we'd drop some brand new assets on you[.]

Oh! And this might also be of interest, we've locked in the pricing for the game as well -- P4AU will retail for $59.99 when it launches this fall. Full release below.

Don't forget, P4AU will be a big part of our E3 show, so you'd better brush up on your fighting skills now!
Irvine Calif. -- May 16, 2014 -- The first of the four Persona® games ATLUS will release in 2014-15 will be the fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, developed by Arc System Works and published by Atlus U.S.A., Inc. Coming fall 2014 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360®, P4AU will retail for $59.99 and include special pre-order bonus items to be revealed at a later date. Pre-orders are open now at various retailers, which you can find on

In P4AU, the characters from Persona 4 and Persona 3 once again find themselves teaming up to face off in the P-1 Climax, a series of battles which must be won before the world ends. The original cast of characters from Persona 3 and 4 are back to discover the mastermind behind the whole tournament, while a few new faces join the fight, including Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Rise Kujikawa, and more. But standing in their way is the dual katana-wielding Sho Minazuki, a huge threat to everyone involved in the P-1 Climax. Worse yet, there's a Sho lookalike who can wield a Persona...

Each playable character in P4AU is involved in a story mode that continues past their individual games to reveal more about them and how they came to be involved in the P-1 Climax. P4AU expands on its pedigree as a tournament-caliber fighting game with a new Shadow type with completely different fighting mechanics for each character. Both newcomers and hardcore gamers alike can find the style that works best for their individual style. With the recent reveal of Rise as a combatant in P4AU, what more could we have in store? Stay tuned to for future updates and details about pre-order bonuses.

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. has become known across the industry as a mark of high-quality, deeply immersive, uniquely Japanese video game experiences. With award-winning titles that reach across a variety of genres and platforms, including the Shin Megami Tensei® and Persona® series of role-playing games, the ground-breaking action-adventure/puzzle game Catherine™, and the much-celebrated RPG Demon's Souls™, Atlus is committed to offering the highest standard in interactive entertainment experiences.

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