The future of Formula 1 could involve AR headsets and farting

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The future of Formula 1 could involve AR headsets and farting

What's the next frontier for F1? If these guys get their way, races will be run on intelligent tracks, drivers will wear augmented reality headsets and cars will breathe air for extra thrust. Team Lotus and the energy drink Burn (nope, us neither) have teamed up to produce Human Ignition, a documentary that imagines what Formula 1 could be like in 2022, while also telling you that energy drinks are really rad (it's embedded, in three parts, after the break). One of the concepts offered up was that the driver would wear an AR helmet that showed them the airflows around their vehicle, making it easier to slipstream their rivals. Another would be to have the cars re-shape their gills in motion in order for them to "breathe," drawing in more air and forcing it out for more thrust coming out of a bend. After which, the designers thought about how those jets could be used to create "dirty wind," channeling the airflow to prevent your rivals from slipstreaming you. Nasty.

[Image credit: Burn]

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