Daily App: Why 100 Balls is at the top of the App Store charts

100 Balls

100 Balls landed on the App Store last month and rocketed to the top of the free apps chart, where it has been sitting for more than a week. What makes this game so special that it can claim the top spot for so long? We took 100 Balls for a spin to find out.

100 Balls is an arcade style game offering a unique game play that defies categorization. The game features a set of cups that move around a circular track, with a funnel filled with balls at the center. The object of the game is simple -- tap the screen to open the funnel in time to fill the cups with balls. The more balls you drop into the cups, the more points you will earn. If you miss and fail to catch some balls in a cup, that cup falls off the screen, decreasing your chance to earn points.

100 Balls

As the balls move around the track, they empty to refill your funnel, and the game keeps going. 100 Balls is easy at first, boring almost, but the game gets progressively more difficult -- the cups start moving faster, and the balls become more scarce as you inevitably lose some off the side of the screen. It's not all downhill, as 100 Balls has a reward system that provides you with bucket improvements that change the color of the balls and increase the points you earn.

100 Balls isn't going to win accolades for its complex strategy or its stunning graphics, but that doesn't mean it's not a worthwhile game. There is a reason why the game is sitting at the top of the app store. Like its predecessors, 100 Balls has the great combination of easy, but enjoyable gameplay. The app literally takes a minutes to learn and can entertain you for hours a few minutes at a time. It's free so there is no barrier to installing it on your phone.

100 Balls is available for free from the iOS App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 7. The game does includes advertisements that don't interfere with the gameplay, but you can remove them via a 99-cent in-app purchase.