Take a look at the next Allods Online update, Colors of War

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|05.20.14

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Take a look at the next Allods Online update, Colors of War
Have you ever seen a newbie get a ten-kill streak, or asked what your PvP talents are for?  You need to understand the rhythm of the new maps - you must paint with all the colors of the war.
When will players in North America get to see the new race being added to Allods Online? It's hard to say. It's easier to say when they'll see the next major update to the game, however, as the Colors of War update is already live for the Russian server and is being localized for North America and European players now. So you can expect it within a month or so. And what does it contain? Like the name says, war.

Players will be able to explore a revamped Kingdom of Elements with several redesigned battle points as well as a new variant style of capture-the-flag in the Training Grounds. The Raid Dominion system has also undergone extensive remaking, adding in new elements like gun mounts to change the face of these battles. That's in addition to major class changes for Wardens and a revamp of the old Tika-Rek's cave. Check out the patch trailer just past the break.

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