Moonlight as a DJ using Spotify tracks and an iPad

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Chris Velazco
May 22, 2014 2:50 PM
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Moonlight as a DJ using Spotify tracks and an iPad

We've living in an age of on-demand music and high-power hardware everywhere. That means (among other things) that it's never been easier to play at being a DJ... especially if the streaming-audio buffs have anything to say about it. You see, Spotify and Algoriddim -- the makers of the popular iOS DJing app djay 2 -- have partnered up to give would-be turntablists access to Spotify's extensive audio archive, just in time for all those early summer shindigs.

In addition to just making those myriad tracks available for your mix, djay 2 can now suggest songs that would mesh nicely with what's already playing (thanks to some help from Spotify-owned Echo Nest). And if you want your DJing experience to be even more laissez-faire? A new Automix Radio feature will craft an entire mix for you -- transitions included -- so you can nip off for a drink and mingle while the tunes play on. Just note that you'll still have to pay Spotify $9.99/month for that access, though djay 2 users get a seven-day free trial to whet their proverbial whistles. If this turn of events sounds just a little familiar, well, you'd be right. Spotify inked a similar deal with the folks behind the Pacemaker DJ app earlier this year too, but djay 2 has been downloaded some 10 million times to date -- maybe appealing to those mobile DJs will help the streaming giant finally turn a profit.
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