Super Smash Bros. to use NFC tech, says Nintendo France exec

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Super Smash Bros. to use NFC tech, says Nintendo France exec
Credit: Nintendo
Super Smash Bros. uses the Wii U's near-field communication technology, if comments by Nintendo France MD Stephan Bole are accurate. Following the company's unveiling of NFC figurines, Bole told Le Figaro the tech features in the console version of the new fighter.

"E3 will be an opportunity to show the use of NFC technology on Nintendo consoles," Bole said (via Polygon). "NFC will be used in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros."

Apart from the sense it makes given the huge roster of Nintendo's fighter, the comments are in line with what the company said earlier this month. President Satoru Iwata revealed Nintendo will showcase the Skylanders-like tech at next month's E3 conference, along with compatible games. Furthermore, Nintendo plans to launch the figurines by the end of this year, and Super Smash Bros. is due to hit Wii U this winter. What today's news does raise is the question of the 3DS Super Smash Bros, which is out this summer; Nintendo will release a NFC reader and writer for the handheld in the first half of 2015.

Bole's comments coincide with the unveiling of another returning Smash character, with Fire Emblem's Ike joining the burgeoning cast today - just in case you thought the House of Mario was done with the conveyor belt of reveals. The beefier-looking swordsman joins 29 other combatants already revealed for the upcoming brawler.
[Image: Nintendo]
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