Revamped iPlayer app for Windows Phone adds live TV but drops radio

Matt Brian
M. Brian|05.27.14

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Windows Phone users typically have to wait longer for apps and updates than their iOS and Android counterparts, but the latest BBC iPlayer rollout tips things back in Microsoft's favour. As part of its ongoing iPlayer revamp, the Beeb has pushed live an new version of the Windows Phone app, delivering up-to-date channel pages, themed programme collections and clearer categories. On top of that, the app has a new media player that automatically delivers the best quality streams depending on a user's connection. Windows Phone users will also be able to watch live TV for the first time, but the feature comes at a cost. Radio content will no longer be available after the BBC decided to cut the option in order to offer "the best TV viewing experience in iPlayer." The good news is that the iPlayer Radio team expects to release a new app with "an optimised listening experience," meaning users won't have to go too long without access to The Archers.

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