EVE Online posts training session schedule

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|05.27.14

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EVE Online posts training session schedule
The downside to getting better to EVE Online is that when you have nine corporations all trying to kill you personally, you know exactly how and why it's your fault.
Are you a terrible EVE Online player? Shh, it's all right, there's no shaming here. Everyone starts somewhere. That's why the development team is hosting a series of new player training sessions, designed to help novices or clueless veterans figure out how to play in the sprawling spaceship spreadsheet sandbox. The newest schedule has just been posted for several exploration-themed training sessions in anticipation of the game's next expansion, starting with "How to Scan" on May 28th.

Data, Relic, and Ghost Sites are covered on May 31st, Ore, Gas, and Ice get the spotlight on June 4th, and Combat Sites and Escalation are getting covered on June 7th. From there it's a tour through wormholes on June 11th and a conclusion with the developer-led exploration fleet on June 14th. For more details on how to join in on training sessions, there's a handy guide available; if you want the exact times for these sessions to check your own schedule, check out the full posting.
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