Sugar, Sugar is so very, very sweet

sugar sugar screenshot

The strangest thing about Sugar, Sugar is that it was released way back in October of 2012, and I'm just now hearing about it. This somewhat strange puzzle game never broke the top 25 in its genre until very recently, but after getting sucked into a longer-than-I-planned play session over a cup of coffee, I can safely say it's downright fantastic.

Here's the deal: A stream of sugar pours out of the little comma symbol on the screen and it's up to you to direct it into one or more of the cups on the screen. You accomplish this task by drawing lines on the screen to redirect the tumbling grains of sweetness.

Funneling the falling sugar into a single cup is simple at first, but the game quickly introduces multiple cups, filters that change the color of the sugar for specific cups, and even the ability to reverse gravity. Not being able to erase your drawings without completely restarting the level adds a great deal of challenge, so don't be surprised if you find yourself replaying a level a handful of times, or more, to get it right.

By the time you make it to level 25 or so, you'll be filling five different cups with five different colors of sugar, and you'll probably be close to snapping your phone in half due to the difficulty. This is not a simple game by any means, and it's definitely one of the most challenging puzzle games I've played on the App Store -- and I've played a whole lot of puzzle games.

The game features a total of 35 levels along with an endless sandbox mode where you can just play around with the sand physics and relax to a chill soundtrack. Getting through all the levels will take you many, many hours, but besting the particularly challenging later levels is extremely rewarding. It's absolutely worth the US$0.99 asking price, so give it a go.