Two-thirds of Americans are doing nothing to protect their privacy

Americans are still not getting the message about protecting their personal info, despite recent epic data breaches. Consumer Reports said that one in seven US residents, or about 45 million people, received some kind of notice that their personal data was compromised. Those stats reflect a lot of corporate negligence, but individuals aren't innocent, either. About 11 million people fell for email phishing scams and 29 percent had their PCs infected by malware. And despite frequent media reports about such attacks, 62 percent of us have done virtually nothing to toughen our security. Most problems can be avoided by taking a few small actions: using difficult-to-guess passwords and not re-using them, avoiding websites of dubious origin, not posting private info on social networks and not clicking on unknown email attachments, for starters. Finally, if you hear that a site like eBay has been breached and you have an account, change your password.