Ryse: Son of Rome DLC adds to Gladiator, Survival, Solo modes

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Ryse: Son of Rome DLC adds to Gladiator, Survival, Solo modes
There's a fresh batch of enemies to brutally murder in Ryse: Son of Rome, thanks to this week's launch of the Morituri Pack. Season pass holders can get help themselves right away, but anyone else will need to pay $7.99 to sink their blade into more waves of squishy, stab-susceptiple gladiators.

Among the Morituri Pack's locales are three new arenas for Gladiator mode: "Beacon," a raid on a barbarian camp, "False Gods," which hosts battles in Egyptian temples, and "Revolution," which plays out among the ruins of the Roman Empire. Survival mode also gets new content in the form of The Forbidden Forest and Sulfur River stages.

There are five arenas newly "optimized" for Solo mode as well, with Beacon, Revolution, False Gods, Market and Garden rounding out the offering. Don't worry if your armor's a bit stained after all this - Morituri offers fresh attire in the form of armor owned by Oswald, King of the Britons, which you'll surely keep clean of blood for all of 30 seconds.
[Image: Crytek, Microsoft]
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