Sony 'in talks' with Metal Gear Solid movie director

Sony Pictures has finally infiltrated movie development hell on a sneaking mission to make its Metal Gear Solid movie. A Tuesday report in Deadline said the studio is in talks with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to bring Hideo Kojima's tale of espionage and nuclear missile firing bipedal tanks to the big screen. Vogt-Roberts last movie was The Kings of Summer, a coming of age movie about teenagers building a house in the woods. The teenagers were not part of an elite soldier squad with crazy animal names.

Sony Pictures has been trying to get its Metal Gear Solid movie in production since 2007. Last word about the project came in 2012, during the series' 25th anniversary celebration. Kojima and Konami announced that it was partnering with producer Avi Arad on the adaptation.

Arad is largely responsible for the current boom of superhero movies, having produced early hits like Blade, X-Men, and Sony Pictures' own hugely successful Spider-Man series. While he's long held ambitions to bring the same success to video game to film adaptations, having been attached to properties like Mass Effect and Uncharted, he's yet to bring those plans to fruition. The one and only completed video game movie Arad produced was 1993's Double Dragon.

[Images: Konami]