Journey composer says new AFM contract won't solve 'intimidation-based culture'

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Journey composer says new AFM contract won't solve 'intimidation-based culture'
Earlier this week, the American Federation of Musicians threatened Journey composer Austin Wintory with a $50,000 fine for creating music for a video game. Wintory's actions were allegedly in violation of a contract enacted in October 2012, but a new agreement between the AFM and Microsoft is changing the rules, at least for the house that Bill Gates built.

Variety reports that effective immediately and until December 2016, Microsoft will be able to use composers who belong to the AFM, so long as they adhere to a scale wage agreement of $300 per musician for a three-hour session. According to AFM president Ray Hair, the new contract "allows the game publisher to record a track, use it for that video game, throughout the franchise and across all platforms for that franchise."

Wintory expressed his thoughts on the new contract via Twitter, stating that, "There are DEFINITE problems with this contract but if even ONE session emerges from [the contract] it's a substantial step up from the last two years." Wintory also believes that the contract will not get rid of the "threat and intimidation-based culture within the union."

You can listen to the theme Wintory has composed for the upcoming Abzu via SoundCloud.
[Image: American Federation of Musicians]
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