Fruit Ninja developer goes into publishing with Birzzle Fever

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Alexander Sliwinski
June 16th, 2014
Fruit Ninja developer goes into publishing with Birzzle Fever
Halfbrick, developer of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, enters the worldwide mobile publishing arena with Birzzle Fever. All you really need to know about the game is it's a colorful chibi bird matching explosion simulator. The free to play game will be available this Thursday on the App Store for iDevices.

As for Halfbrick's expansion into publishing, the developer explains it was a "natural move." The company states, "A special team will be dedicated to working with developers who are interested in having their games published, providing analysis and recommendations during all stages of development."

Up next from Halfbrick's publishing arm is Yes Chef, which looks like Candy Crush, except with nutritional value and French flourishes.
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