GTA Online claims 'I'm Not A Hipster,' update says otherwise

The latest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online will fill the virtual world with overly tight jeans, thick-rimmed glasses designed to express collective individuality and artfully distressed print tees torn from the dreams of Dov Charney.

Dubbed the "I'm Not A Hipster" update, this most recent DLC features new clothing, masks, tattoos and, of course, hairstyles that can only be described as "cool" under the most ironic of conditions. Additionally, Rockstar Games promises seven new vehicles will join the online crime-ridden wasteland. From classics like the Glendale to environmentally friendly minicars like the Panto, there's something for every carjacker. And, if you've got a large family (or crew of hardened criminals) to lug around, the update also adds a massive three-axel, six-seat Dubsta for those who reach Rank 100. Two antique weapons and twelve new jobs round out the "I'm Not A Hipster" update, for those who couldn't find gainful employment attaching birds to things or raising urban co-op poultry.

Rockstar has yet to reveal a precise release date for this latest addition, but as with all Grand Theft Auto Online add-ons, "I'm Not A Hipster" will be available at no charge.

Update: The "I'm Not A Hipster" update is out now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Have fun!

[Image: Rockstar Games]