Remember Destiny alpha with shirt 'that came from the moon'

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Remember Destiny alpha with shirt 'that came from the moon'
Last week's alpha test of Bungie's massive shooter, Destiny, was a huge success, attracting legions of players and leaving the studio to celebrate its achievements, and even poke fun at the game's most glaring failures.

In what Bungie calls a "Post Game Carnage Report," it reveals that the alpha test period played host to nearly 6.5 million Player Games. During those games, testers racked up 149.5 million primary weapon kills, 21.7 million secondary weapon kills, 21.6 million Super Ability kills and just over 4 million heavy weapon kills. Given that the alpha test lasted just over five days, that translates to an average of 39.36 million deaths per day - quite a bit of bloodshed for a game that has yet to enter beta testing.

Despite its numerical achievements, many players will remember Destiny most for the hilariously lackadaisical voiceover work featured in this recent trailer. Instead of striking back at the legions of cynical Internet jerks who've spent the past few days poking fun at the game's canonical fixation on moon wizards, Bungie has turned the memetic phrase into a t-shirt.

What's more, the developer is forwarding proceeds from the sale of the shirt to charity. Happily, fans quickly responded to this generous gesture by making the shirt one of the best-selling items available on Bungie's online storefront.
[Image: Bungie]
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