Borderlands 2 Vita update loots stability, control improvements

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Borderlands 2 Vita update loots stability, control improvements
If the Vita's on-the-go version of Borderlands 2 has been a little unstable for you, a new update hopes to land a critical hit on those problems, in addition to adding control-related adjustments. Concerning the patch, SCEA Third Party Production Director Gio Corsi wrote that developer Iron Galaxy Studios had worked with Sony to "improve stability and performance throughout the game, including addressing known issues with audio playback."

Vault hunters need to be comfortable while grinding away at quests and slaughtering wildlife though, a truth addressed by the update in its allowance for inverted gyroscope controls. Actions mapped to the Vita's touchpad can also now be assigned to "much smaller zones" to help avoid accidental melee swings or grenade lobbing.

The adjustable touch-triggered buttons might accommodate one of Senior Reporter Jess Conditt's issues with the Vita port, but she still found the pre-patch version to be a "great game on a wonderful handheld device."
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