More than half of UK studios employ four people or fewer

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Small game development studios are on the rise in the UK, as trade body TIGA revealed that 59 percent of all UK studios employ a permanent staff of four employees or fewer.

The number is a significant jump from TIGA's report last year, which found that 50 percent of UK studios had similarly petite staffs in 2012. While studios in the region have gotten smaller, they've also grown in number; TIGA surveyed 448 active UK studios in 2012, compared to 620 in 2013.

"This is a direct consequence of the UK games' industry increasing focus on mobile as the primary games platform," TIGA CEO Richard Wilson stated. "The surge in start-up studios is encouraging, but many of these will be vulnerable because of their size. TIGA's focus now is to help developers grow their businesses by ensuring that governments create a favorable environment for the industry and by providing quality networking events, professional business advice and access to partners, publishers and investors."

[Image: TIGA]
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