Nintendo AGM: Mario Kart 8 sells 2 million, Iwata re-elected

Mario Kart 8 sold approximately 2 million copies worldwide in less than a month, as it continued to race along the Wii U sales charts. IGN reports Nintendo announced the sell-through figure at its annual general meeting of shareholders, which took place yesterday.

Nintendo must be chipper about the racer's continued success, after it turbo-boosted off the grid with 1.2 million sales in its debut weekend. It'll be interesting to see how many came from new Wii U owners, given Nintendo of America said system sales quadrupled the week following release. We should get a better sense of that when Nintendo releases its quarterly financial results, which it's scheduled to do on July 30.

The other major if not surprising news from Nintendo's meeting is investors re-elected company president Satoru Iwata. Despite drops in his approval rating and big fiscal losses, Iwata and the eight other directors were re-elected, while Outside Auditor Naoki Mizutani was newly elected as Outside Director.

Iwata wasn't able to attend the AGM, as he was recovering from major surgery that took place the week before. The Nintendo chief came through the procedure well, and said "a little more time" is needed before he returns to his normal, Reggie-thumping work days.

[Image: Nintendo]