The Queue: Spikes

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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

We have a number of quickie questions today. Some longer ones, but a lot of quickies, too.

BoltzmannHatchling asked:

Talking about Gorgrond, where all the spikes in Blade's Edge Mountains? I thought it was a remarkable and unique orogeny of that place, but Draenor lacks the "spikes" and can't seem to pin point them on the alphabeta maps. But if they are gone like my pools and volcanoes of green lava, then I understand...

One of the northern regions of Frostfire Ridge resembles the spiky portions of Blade's Edge, and in fact, there are select spots that you can identify having been there in Burning Crusade. However, the spikes aren't as dramatic. In Burning Crusade, they look like spears jutting from the rock. In Warlords of Draenor, they just look like jagged outcroppings. The spikes have much more details put into them and are fewer in number. See the image at the top of today's post. Spikes exist, but they're different.

It's possible the spikes we know didn't form until Draenor was shattered. It's also possible Blizzard found them silly in hindsight and didn't want to replicate them.

dreamweaver7x asked:

Still no article on the removal of Guild Levels as is being reported elsewhere? I guess we're already past the point of caring what Blizzard removes from the game.

It was the weekend! Most of us are out of the (virtual) office on the weekend.

Galenar asked:

Another question because I'm full of them today. If I were to have theoretically used my water strider to go across to the unfinished zones like Ashran and Gorgrond, would Blizzard get cranky if I took screenshots or was even there period?

If you reached those places through legitimate methods, then you're safe. If the beta allowed you to travel there, there are no problems. You'll only get in trouble if you've used, for example, a private server/sandbox to reach places the servers wouldn't otherwise let you see/access.

DaEvilGenius asked:

In WoD we will see pretty big characters meet such as Thrall and his father which will make for great story. As an Alliance player - do you believe Blizzard will somehow let us see/experience some of that story between Thrall and Durotan or will I need a Horde toon?

You'll need a Horde character.

JeffLaBowski asked:

What is the deal with Falling Flame? I heard you can only have 1 per account? This would make sense considering I have killed Cinderfall many times on other toons and never got it. Can anyone confirm this either way?

I'm not sure Blizzard has a one-per-account system in place for loot drops. It's more likely the item has an extremely low droprate.

Chrth asked:

Are the Pandaren Monk trainers from Wandering Isle or Pandaria?

I believe all of the pandaren NPCs outside of Pandaria are from the Wandering Isle. We don't know that for certain, but the NPCs in the capital cities are from the Wandering Isle, so the ones in newbie zones probably are, too. It was the Wandering Isle pandaren that allied with the Alliance/Horde, not the ones from Pandaria.

convoyb asked:

How's Trade Skills look so far? Or is it NYI?

I haven't played with tradeskills much in Warlords yet, but what I've seen of alchemy so far is weird. It's possible none of that has really been worked on yet. There's a surprising lack of herbs required for alchemy recipes. Most of the recipes require fish, meat, or ores. There are recipes that use multiple ingredients, none of which are herbs. If it's intended, I suppose the garrison can slowly provide all of those things, but I don't have a fishing shack or a mine yet on my current character. There isn't much I'm able to craft.

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