Grab a Coke and a Shine: Misfit's Coca-Cola Red Shine

Misfit Coca-Cola Red Shine

Some products are known by their iconic color, and for Coca-Cola, it's that bright red stripe. Misfit, the company behind the Shine fitness tracker, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to create a version of its little device that's is that exact red hue that you've come to know and love.

In honor of the 4th of July, Misfit and Coca-Cola introduced the Coca-Cola Red Shine (US$99.99), which comes with the standard black sports band and nifty little magnetic clip-on clasp. However, there's even more for you who salute the red, white and blue: the Star Spangled Set!

Take a Coca-Cola Red Shine, a special white sports band, and a new navy blue t-shirt complete with a tiny pocket on the arm to house the Shine, and you have the Star Spangled Set. It's available now for a special price of $119.99, although you'll be able to purchase the white sports band and navy tee separately from Misfit in the future.

Misfit Coca-Cola Red Shine Star Spangled Set

The Misfit Shine is quite different from most fitness trackers in that it's good-looking and can be accessorized with everything from the magnetic clasp to beautiful necklaces, doesn't need recharging (there's a replaceable battery inside), and uses tiny white LEDs to not only point out your progress towards a daily goal but also tell you the time. The Shine is featured in Apple's "Strength" ad (it's the little round device being synced via placement on an iPhone screen), and rated well in our late 2013 review.

And a final bit of trivia to end this post: one of Misfit's co-founders is none other than former Apple CEO and Pepsi President John Sculley, who Steve Jobs goaded into taking the Apple job by asking him if he wanted to "sell sugared water for the rest of his life". It's ironic that Misfit teamed up with Pepsi's arch-rival for this special fitness tracker.