Perfect World Entertainment buys Digital Extremes

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|07.02.14

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Perfect World Entertainment buys Digital Extremes
And now it's going to be all about making money, because... it used to be a charity?  Not clear on this point.
Perfect World Entertainment is adding another studio to its cap. Digital Extremes Ltd., the studio behind Warframe, is having all of its outstanding shares purchased by PWE in cooperation with Sumpo Food Holdings Limited. This agreement is non-binding and was first announced on June 30th, although nothing has come up since to indicate any sort of a change or reversal.

Players have taken to the forums voicing a certain amount of displeasure with the deal, with several comparisons to PWE's acquisition of Cryptic Studios when it was sold by Atari. As it stands, no official statement beyond the business dealings has been made by the studio.

[Thanks to Clinton for the tip!]
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