R-Kaid-R packs portable arcade cabinet in a sleek wooden box

In case you ever felt proud about the paint job you gave your controllers or something, Swedish craftsman Love Hulten has created the R-Kaid-R, a portable homage to arcades that manages to look sleek and old fashioned at the same time.

The R-Kaid-R's wooden clamshell design hosts an 8" LCD screen and a mono speaker above an arcade-style layout, complete with nine face buttons, a screw-in joystick and a stereo port for headphones. Its hardware supports titles from the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation and predating consoles, along with some PC titles like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D. Hulten estimates that on a full charge, the arcade away from home can withstand about 8 hours of play.

While the R-Kaid-R is a joy to look at, you can always add it to your on-the-go collection for a, uh ... minor charge of $3,397 (€2,499). While that includes a manual, a 16 GB SD card with pre-installed OS, a USB charging cable and a copy of Cave Story, it doesn't include the carrying case seen in the video, which is a separate $176 (€239) purchase. At least you can choose your R-Kaid-R's appearance from one of five colors?

[Thanks, Love!]

[Image: Love Hulten]