Undead & Undressed strips down vampires in Europe this fall

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Undead & Undressed strips down vampires in Europe this fall
Europeans get to stumble over orders of Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed when it arrives in the region courtesy of NIS America. As for the when, the press release we received this morning only specified an autumn window, but one sent earlier noted a release date of October 10. Either way, Europe will get its share of strippable zombies soon enough. Last we heard, XSEED plans to get Undead & Undressed in North America later this summer.

Released as Akiba's Trip 2 in Japan, Acquire's action-RPG is set in Tokyo's otaku central, Akihabara. Your mission is to take down a group of vampiric Synthisters that are terrorizing the area by shining sunlight directly onto their skin. That's your excuse reason for stripping them down, hence the game's name - by the way, there are both male and female Synthisters in the game, as a NSFW trailer of the Japanese version shows. The Western E3 trailer below the break is equally NSFW.

As for the PS4 version that's just hit Japan, there's still no word from either XSEED or NIS America about a Western release. For now, North America and Europe will have to make do on PS3 and Vita.
[Image: NIS America]
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