Former Infinity Ward devs create VR-friendly Reload Studios

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Former Infinity Ward devs create VR-friendly Reload Studios
Former Infinity Ward developers announced the formation of a new Los Angeles-based studio today, Reload Studios. Co-founded by James Chung and Taehoon Oh, Reload Studios currently houses 12 individuals that will focus on game development for virtual reality, mobile and home console platforms. While the developer is being officially introduced now, Chung's LinkedIn profile indicates that the studio first formed in May.

Chung and Oh are joined by former Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series producer Pete Blumel, Infinity Ward developer Hougant Chen and Disney animator Nik Ranieri. Reload Studios also has ties to independent licensed game developer Heavy Iron as well as EA. The developer is currently working on a VR-enabled first-person shooter for mobile and next-gen systems and plans to launch its first game in 2015.
[Image: Reload Studios]
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