Apple TV will carry every Simpsons episode via FXNOW within 12 months

TV writer and editor Jason Lynch tweeted this past Monday that FXNOW will make its way to the Apple TV within the next 12 months.

FXNOW is Fox's on-demand video service which features content from FX, FXX, and FXM. That means that TV fans will soon be able to catch up on shows like Sons of Anarchy, Fargo, Arrested Development, and Parks and Recreation whenever they want.

But even more exciting is news that FXNOW will include the recently announced "Simpsons World" service, thus allowing Simpsons fans to enjoy all of the shows 522 episodes on-demand. This is incredible news because FX shows like Sons of Anarchy are already viewable on streaming services like Netflix. But Fox, for whatever reason, has historically taken a much more guarded approach with The Simpsons.

"Simpsons World" is expected to launch by October and will be accessible via the existing FXNOW iOS app and the soon to be launched FXNOW Apple TV channel.

Hitfix earlier this week provided us even more details surrounding the impending launch of "Simpsons World." I don't think it's an overstatement to say that this is a Simpsons-fan dream come true and an on-demand service on steroids.

Some of the services more intriguing details include:

* Every episode ever, in an order that's easy to browse, but also easy to search. (The original "Simpsons" clips from "The Tracey Ullman Show" are not currently part of the package, but FX is talking to Matt Groening about it; "I know Matt has a very open mind to that," said FX COO Chuck Saftler. "The Simpsons Movie" will appear intermittently on the app, but won't be available constantly.)

* A search function that allows you to quickly find - and share across social media - your favorite "Simpsons" joke or scene. At the moment, I cannot show you the "free goo" scene, or Homer contemplating the excitement of floor pie or waffle runoff; with Simpsons World, I can do it easily. I can also find every Disco Stu scene in one shot, or any story where Marge gets a new job, etc.

* Ability to curate your own playlists of episodes and/or scenes, and a learning function that will then recommend similar ones for you to try or revisit.

* An exhaustive episode guide that can be opened up to run parallel to the episode, featuring historical references, behind-the-scenes info, quotes, etc. You can also have each episode's script scrolling along as you watch it, and you can excerpt and share parts of the script, as well.

Most of that functionality should be ready for the October launch, and even more should be introduced in January. (FX's president of marketing Stephanie Gibbons told me after the panel that the goal was to get the episodes and the ability to search for and share clips up immediately, and follow with more bonuses later.)

Note that the service will require users to authenticate with cable service credentials. Some of the cooperating cable service providers already on board include AT&T, Comcast, Cox, and Time-Warner.