Report: Square Enix CTO leaves company

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Report: Square Enix CTO leaves company
Yoshihisa Hashimoto has left Square Enix, citing personal reasons for the departure, according to a Game Watch report that was confirmed by Polygon. Hashimoto worked as the company's Chief Technology Officer, most recently serving as technical director for Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, the manager of Square Enix's Advanced Technology Division and the head of development for the Luminous engine, which powered the Agni's Philosophy tech demo we saw at E3 2012.

Hashimoto's departure continues a restructuring trend involving notable members of Square Enix. It reaches back to 2010, when Final Fantasy 13 composer and FF7/FF10 contributor Masashi Hamauzu bowed out to create his own studio. Long-time producer and designer Hiromichi Tanaka's departure followed in 2012, with Tanaka citing desire to work as a "single creator" on future projects.

It continued in 2013, with Yoichi Wada stepping down from his role as CEO (and upgrading to Chairman of the Board). Square Enix America ex-CEO Mike Fischer left his role months later to join Amazon's Japan team, with former Eidos Montreal head Stephane D'Astous calling out a "lack of leadership, lack of courage and lack of communication" during his July departure. Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy 12 character designer Akihiko Yoshida also ducked out in December of that year.

Former vice-president of marketing Karl Stewart left in April of this year, opting to join Petrol Advertising agency, which collaborated with Square Enix for Tomb Raider and is currently working with Activision for Destiny.
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