Viddy is an adorable pinhole camera made of reclaimed parts and cardboard

Pinhole cameras might already be the domain of photography mavens and earnest summer vacation school projects, but does it look like this? The Viddy is a charming 35mm and medium format pinhole camera that has a glue-free construction and even promises to take less than half an hour to make. Better still, it takes design cues from the rolleiflex. It's currently on Kickstarter raising funds, and at the moment, the UK-based project is a quarter of the way to reaching its £18,000 funding goal. Pledging £30 or more will net you a VIDDY kit and includes UK domestic shipping. (You'll have to add £12 more to get your pinhole thrills elsewhere.) The camera even uses reclaimed spool for the camera itself, split pins to keep it all together, as well as a sticker sheet for customizing your hand-made camera. And if you don't like stickers, you're a monster.