Flappy Bird brings the whole family as it returns to Amazon

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Flappy Bird brings the whole family as it returns to Amazon
Like a phoenix from the ashes, viral sensation Flappy Bird has risen anew, just as the prophet (and game creator) Dong Nguyen foretold back in May of this year. The beast slumbered for a time, but has once again come to wreak havok on our productivity under the new title, "Flappy Birds Family."

Actually, if we're using mythical beast analogies, the multi-headed hydra would be a more fitting creature to compare Flappy Bird Family to, as this new form features multiple flapping birds thanks to the addition of multiplayer.

Yes. Flappy Birds Family, now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android - but curiously absent from iTunes and Google Play - is a cross between a phoenix and a hydra. A hydrenix (or phoendra), if you will. If you've got access to the Amazon Appstore, you can capture it free of charge.

For those just tuning in, Flappy Bird was a massively-popular mobile game from 2013 that owed much of its success to word-of-mouth regarding its high level of difficulty. The game was de-listed from iOS and Android stores in February, with Nguyen claiming that the game was too addictive and the stress of success was too much to handle.

That didn't stop the game's influence over the market, however. With the original gone, a swarm of Flappy Bird clones descended onto iOS and Android. It was reported that over the course of four days, the iOS App Store saw an average of one new clone every 24 minutes. Even Epic Games touted Unreal Engine 4's versatility using Flappy Bird's design.

Love it, hate it or tap it, the legend of Flappy Bird continues.
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