A second Apple Store in the works for Istanbul

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A second Apple Store in the works for Istanbul

ElmaDergisi, Apple Store, Istanbul, Akasya Mall

The second Apple Store in Turkey is set to open later this year in Istanbul's Akasya Shopping Center, according to the ElmaDergisi ("Apple Magazine") website. The website posted photos (one of which is shown above) detailing the installation of the standard flooring and wooden display tables, with the usual glass front and glowing white Apple logo at the front of the store.

The first store in Turkey opened April 5th at Istanbul's luxury Zorlu Shopping Center. That standalone store features a glass cube design with an Apple logo on the roof, very iconic for the first Turkish Apple retail outlet.

Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore.com believes that the store may open in September, based on information received from blogger Mehmet Terziler of ElmaDergisi. Other future store locations are rumored for Ankara and Izmir. Apple executives met with Turkish president Abdullah Gül and prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2013 to discuss putting iPads into Turkish schools, although nothing concrete appears to have come out of those meetings.

Photo from Elmadergisi.com, Batuhan Hikmet Gürhan

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