Crytek Ryses to the occasion to bring Son of Rome to PC

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S. Prell
August 7, 2014 3:00 PM
Crytek Ryses to the occasion to bring Son of Rome to PC
Ryse: Son of Rome has its ballistae and catapults aimed at the walls of the PC kingdom and developer/publisher Crytek expects to lay siege sometime this fall. What's more, Crytek is enlisting the aid of Dead Island series publisher, Deep Silver, which will handle boxed copies of the game. Er, uh ... boxes of ammunition, in keeping with the metaphor.

The choice of co-publisher shouldn't come as too much of a surprise; following a "transitional phase" marked by multiple staff departures, Crytek offloaded the Homefront IP and a work-in-progress sequel called Homefront: The Revolution to Deep Silver just last month. It would seem the two companies are on friendly terms at the moment, and if that results in more people being offered the chance to play more games, we're okay with that.

Ryse on PC will feature previously-released DLC, including the Colosseum Pack, the Mars' Chosen Pack, the Duel of Fates Pack and the Morituri Pack. PC players will also have access to the Ruins multiplayer map and the Legionnaire's Trust sword which were previously restricted to Day One Edition copies of the game. Lastly, the game will support 4K resolution, so you can take in the sights with absurd levels of detail.
[Image: Crytek]
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