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Fujin is a vacuum cleaner for your DSLR

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Andy Bowen
August 8th, 2014
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Fujin is a vacuum cleaner for your DSLR

There you are, happily reviewing photos from your recent getaway to Maui, when you notice your pics have been adorned with a smattering of little black dots; your DSLR's got some grit on its sensor. Rather than whipping out the compressed air and Q-tip, however, you could dredge you camera's internals using an interesting little gizmo from the Japanese company IPP. It's called the Fujin, which literally means "blowing sand," and it works just like a vacuum cleaner. Screw this bad boy on your Canon shooter in place of the lens and it'll suck the dirt and dust right up -- according to the manufacturer, at least. Don't give up on your sensor cleaning solution just yet though, this $34 accessory isn't available in the US.

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