Anti-Blur Camera for iPhone helps prevent shaky-cam

You've taken a great photo, or so you think, but darn, the camera moved ever so slightly and you lost the shot.

Anti-Blur Camera (US$1.99) gives you a better chance at getting the photo you want, by taking a series of 4 photos and automatically saving the one that is the best.

Start by framing your shot. The app begins shooting as soon as the camera is steady, even if you haven't pressed the shutter button. Once four images have been taken, Anti-Blur Camera analyzes each one and selects the best one to save. You can view all four images while the app is running if you'd like to see the other three.

This is a bit different than the burst mode that Apple builds into the iPhone camera. That feature takes several pictures while you are holding down the shutter button. It can be used to find an image with sharp focus, but it's mainly for finding the perfect moment during a sporting event or the best smile in a portrait.

In practice, Anti-Blur Camera worked quite well. When I paid attention to how steady I held the the camera, I could still be undone by gusts of wind and no software can fix a really bad motion blur. In general, Anti-Blur Camera picked the right photo, saving it to the camera roll. The app also gives you an on-screen indication when you are holding the camera steady. It's all quite straightforward and helpful.

This app isn't for fixing blurry photos after you have taken them, but tries to give you the best picture possible while you are taking the image. Of course, it only works on stills, not video.

Some photographers are rock solid, while others, like me get a bit rocky. Anti-Blur Camera can make a difference, and is worth a look.

The app requires iOS 7 or later, and it is optimized for the iPhone 5.