Open-world skiing game Snow drifting to PS4, Oculus Rift

Swedish developer Poppermost will bring its open-world skiing game Snow to PlayStation 4 as well as PC, which gets additional Oculus Rift support. Snow arrived on Steam's Early Access service in October and is expected to move into a closed beta phase by the end of the year as a free-to-play game. The game is console-exclusive to the PS4.

Those that want to check out the Early Access version on PC can pick up founders packs with alpha passes and in-game items, ranging from $15 to $60. Poppermost crammed eight square kilometers of open space and alpine terrain into its first game, which is powered by Crytek's Cryengine. In Snow, players thumb through hundreds of items in the game's catalog to equip their riders with 11 pieces of gear simultaneously before hitting the slopes to perform tricks.

[Image: Poppermost]

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Gamescom 2014: Poppermost's 'SNOW' Playable on Oculus Rift at Show, Coming to PS4

Swedish developer Poppermost has announced that their upcoming open-world skiing game, SNOW, is coming to Oculus Rift. The team is showing a full demonstration of the game on Oculus Rift this week at Gamescom in Hall 04.2, Stand E-045, within the Nordic Pavilion in the business area. There has never been an action sports experience like this! Imagine being fully immersed in a mountain world, exploring steep cliffs, dense forests and man-made areas like villages, a quarry and a hydroelectric dam. Just taking in the view from the summit or peeking over a cliff can be jaw-dropping... and even a little frightening. Drop by and see it for yourself at Gamescom, or guarantee a time with the team for a full demo by emailing us to schedule a private appointment.

On the back of Sony's Gamescom keynote, Poppermost can now confirm that SNOW is coming to PlayStation 4 as a platform exclusive. While this version of the game will not be shown at Gamescom, if you meet the Poppermost team they can talk more about their deal with Sony and what is to come.

Developed using Crytek's proprietary CRYENGINE, SNOW is built to deliver the most realistic experience ever. All the restrictions that can weigh down traditional sports games have been removed, giving the player the freedom to explore the mountains in whichever way they see fit. Players can perform all the tricks and 'jibs' possible in real life. Freeskiing icons like Tanner Hall, Tom Wallisch and Russ Henshaw have helped with the game design in order to create the most authentic game experience possible. All the leading in-game brands are in there, including Res Bull, K2, Scott and Völkl.