A wild Mega Audino appears in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire remakes

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A wild Mega Audino appears in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire remakes
The latest Pokemon to receive the Mega Evolution treatment is Audino, a 'mon with such precise hearing that it can diagnose illness simply by listening to a patient's body. As a result of this phenomenal ability, the Pokemon Centers of the Unova region keep Audino at hand to assist Nurse Joy. The 'mon apparently took a liking to its unforeseen medical profession as the Mega Evolved Audino almost looks like a tiny, stylized doctor, complete with white lab coat and stethoscope.

Though the Pokemon Company is only now debuting Mega Audino, Pokemon fan site Serebii reported on the Mega Evolution two days ago when both Mega Audino and Mega Slowbro accidentally appeared on the official Korean Pokemon website. The Pokemon Company has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of Mega Slowbro, and offered no comment to our inquiries. Despite this, the Korean leak correctly predicted every aspect of Mega Audino, leading us to expect a Mega Slowbro announcement shortly.

Mega Audino will make its video game debut in the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire 3DS games which are scheduled to launch on November 2. You'll find a trailer highlighting the new Mega Evolution below the break.
[Image: Nintendo]

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