ID@Xbox developers achieve Unity

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ID@Xbox developers achieve Unity
The Unity engine, known for powering independently-developed games like Slender: The Eight Pages and Oddworld: New N Tasty, has come to Xbox One. Any developers signed on as part of the ID@Xbox program with an Xbox One dev kit now have access to the engine completely free of charge, Unity (the company) announced via its blog.

The build available now is version 4.3, but Unity 5.0 is the goal. "Unity 5.0 will eventually be our recommended version for all Xbox One development," the blog states. "However, we will continue to make updates for the Unity 4.3 version of the product including XDK upgrades into 2015 to ensure teams that have already built to this version of the product can ship."

That's good news for several high-profile Xbox One games that are already using Unity, including Ori and the Blind Forest, Cuphead and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.
[Image: Moon Studios]
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