Tekken team's Project Morpheus demo is voyeuristic

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Tekken team's Project Morpheus demo is voyeuristic
Bandai Namco Director Katsuhiro Harada and the team behind the Tekken series put together a demo for Sony's VR hardware, Project Morpheus, though it's just about the furthest from a fighting game you can get. The demo is called Summer Lesson and it's an interactive tour through a Japanese schoolgirl's bedroom, schoolgirl included.

In the introductory video, we see players look around the sunny room, nod yes or no to the girl's questions, and make her pull back in discomfort when the viewing angle gets too invasive. Yes, really. See a video of the demo (from the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan & Asia event) below (skip to the 55:40 mark).

Summer Lesson will be playable at Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off on September 18.
[Image: SCEJ]

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