Bayonetta 2 channels Fox McCloud with 'Star Mercenary' outfit

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Bayonetta 2 channels Fox McCloud with 'Star Mercenary' outfit
If you ever wanted to dress Bayonetta up in an outfit normally worn by an anthropomorphic fox, well, that's your business. This week, your fetish gains a little more legitimacy with the announcement that Platinum Games' upcoming Bayonetta 2 for Wii U will feature a costume swiped from Nintendo's Star Fox series.

Nintendo's Bayonetta 2 Direct presentation showcases Platinum's "non-stop climax action game" in precise detail, revealing that a Fox McCloud outfit (shown at the 18:30 mark) will accompany previously announced alternate costumes inspired by Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, The Legend of Zelda's Link, and Metroid's Samus.

While wearing the "Star Mercenary" outfit, Bayonetta will wield tiny Arwings instead of pistols, and a familiar reticle will indicate locked-on targets. The featurette also reveals that Bayonetta 2 will feature "controls that meld with your mind" in a pioneering and possibly illegal occupation of player brainspace.

Bayonetta 2 collects the original Bayonetta alongside an all-new quest at retail and via Nintendo's eShop on October 24.

[Image: Platinum Games]
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